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Self-belief and agency (2017)
Journal Article
Zangwill, N. (2017). Self-belief and agency. Journal of Mind and Behavior, 38(1), 35-52

I argue for the view that we all believe that we exist from the fact that the belief is a presupposition of some of our mental life. We cannot argue from perceptual experience, but we can argue from action. I defend an essentially active (or perhaps... Read More

Cartoons vs. manga movies : a brief history of anime in the UK (2017)
Journal Article
Hernández-Pérez, M., Corstorphine, K., & Stephens, D. (2017). Cartoons vs. manga movies : a brief history of anime in the UK. Mutual Images, 2(Winter), 5-43.

This paper has as main objective to explore, adopting a historical and critical perspective, the release of film and anime TV in UK. This would be a first step towards the studio of the peculiar implementation of manganime Culture in Britain. Compare... Read More

The indifference argument (2006)
Journal Article
Zangwill, N. (2008). The indifference argument. Philosophical Studies, 138(1), 91-124.

I argue against motivational internalism. First I recharacterise the issue over moral motivation. Second I describe the indifference argument against motivation internalism. Third I consider appeals to irrationality that are often made in the face of... Read More