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Learning without borders (Thailand)

Learning without borders (Thailand) Mar 1, 2017 - Aug 31, 2018
A workshop that will exploit the proven educational and social benefits of using mobile technologies in settings where access to learning is restricted. It includes fieldwork and the development of basic literacy and numeracy, promoting self-directed... Read More

Tomorrows Books Today: (Vietnam) Apr 1, 2017 - Mar 31, 2019
The project will bring together teacher educators from the University of Hull and VNU, along with other external stakeholders (e.g. Danang University in Vietnam and VSO, Vietnam), to develop a set of exemplar hybrid digital textbooks and an accompany... Read More

Daiwa Foundation Small Grant

Daiwa Foundation Small Grant Jul 1, 2017 - Nov 17, 2017
This project promotes interactions between British and Japanese scholars who work on Thomas Hill Green’s British idealist philosophy, with the primary aim of deepening their understandings of Green’s importance in the history of modern Western philos... Read More

3D Analysis of Maxillofacial Growth

3D Analysis of Maxillofacial Growth Jul 1, 2017 - Aug 31, 2019
The goal of this study is to develop, test and validate three-dimensional analysis methodologies to quantify maxillofacial growth. The methodologies are expected to provide guidance and support to determine the nature and extent of hard-tissue mandib... Read More

Prosperity Partnerships: EPSRC, Business and Universities

Prosperity Partnerships: EPSRC, Business and Universities Nov 1, 2017 - Oct 31, 2022
The opening of Siemens new £310m offshore wind (OSW) turbine blade factory in Hull is a milestone for the industry. It coincides with increased investment in operations and maintenance activities to service the increasing capacity of OSW farms, espec... Read More

Crossing Over: New Narratives of Death Feb 1, 2017 - Jul 12, 2017
From 2012-2016 the multi-disciplinary AHRC Research Network "Crossing Over: New Narratives of Death" investigated the
changing face of contemporary death, bereavement and commemoration. The current project seeks to bring the network's
w... Read More

BickiePegs - Project NextTooth

BickiePegs - Project NextTooth Nov 7, 2016 - Dec 5, 2016
This market research project, entitled NextTooth aims to discover consumer insights related to Bickiepegs and Doidy Cup and potential NPD opportunities. It is proposed that 4 focus groups are held to gain qualitative insights. This should equip the D... Read More

NE-IFCA bait-digging MSc.

NE-IFCA bait-digging MSc. Jan 1, 2017 - Sep 30, 2018
North-East IFCA have applied for funding from Defra to investigate bait-digging pressure in the region. A one-year studentship with IECS supervision has been proposed.