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Development of a next generation, highly efficient, low cost and building integrate-able solar PV/thermal system for building space heating, hot water and power supply

People Involved

Profile image of Ms Kirsty Brookes

Ms Kirsty Brookes
Management Accountant and Post Award Research - HYMS

Project Description

Through a close collaboration between the leading UK/Chinese universities and the top Chinese/UK companies, the proposed UK-China collaborative R&I project will develop a novel building integrate-able solar PV/T system for space heating, hot water and power supply. The universities have specific knowledge of the most advanced PV/T and loop heat pipe technologies and also expertise in China-oriented business strategy. The companies have strong R&D and manufacturing capacity in solar PV, thermal, PV/T and heat storage/exchangers. The new PV/T system will achieve around 30% higher overall solar efficiency and 20% cost saving compared to the existing equivalent PV/T systems and will be flexible in component selection to meet different needs in buildings. The innovative technologies include (1) a novel loop-heat-pipe (LHP); (2) a novel PV/T panel; (3) a highly efficient heat storage/exchanger, and (4) an internet-based intelligent monitoring and control system. In terms of tasks, the project involves development of (1) a computerised design and optimisation model; (2) an experimental prototype and associated test rig; (3) a pre-production solar PV/T system for real building use; and (4) the economic, environmental and market performance reports and business model specifically tailored for the PV/T system.

University of Hull (UHULL), as the Coordinator of the project and lead partner of the UK team, will be responsible for management of all project activities, play a key role in development of the experimental prototype PV/T system and associated computer simulation models, assist in economic and environmental analyses and other project tasks. From technical point of view, UHULL has the established expertise in PV/micro-channel-thermal panels and loop heat pipe (LHP). During the project progress, UHULL will bring together the two successful innovations to develop a next-generation, high efficiency and low cost PV/T panels and associated passive, zero-power heat flow transportation system.

Type of Project Project
Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council
Value £387,416.00
Project Dates Apr 1, 2017 - Jun 30, 2019
Partner Organisations PCM
Guangdong Five-Star Solar Energy Corporate Ltd

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