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Infinite Virtual Stoa

Torrao, Luis; Papadopoulos, Yiannis; Mckie, Darren


Luis Torrao


Stoicism is a philosophy that considers the object of life to be ataraxia (αταραξία), a state of psychological stability which is undisturbed by exposure to phenomena and circumstances that lie outside one's control. Such circumstances may include ill health, poverty, natural disasters, corrupt social orders, unpopularity, and unrequited love, and may cause loss of composure and mental balance through feelings of pain, humiliation, insufficiency, envy or greed. Stoicism is a coherent system of powerful ideas about how to pursue a life of equanimity in the face of adversity which has inspired philosophy and psychology to this day. The founders of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy have cited Stoicism as their main inspiration. Stoicism flourished in ancient Athens and Rome at a time when ancient democracy was dying and people experienced loss of control over their lives under authoritarian and imperial regimes. In an age of serious global economic, environmental and psychological uncertainty and crisis, stoicism has still pressing and valuable lessons to teach us about calm, composure, stability and emotional resilience.


Torrao, L., Papadopoulos, Y., & Mckie, D. (2018). Infinite Virtual Stoa. In XXI GENERATIVE ART 2018, proceedings of XXI Generative Art conference, 183-194

Conference Name GA2018, XXI Annual International Conference
Start Date Dec 18, 2018
End Date Dec 20, 2018
Acceptance Date Oct 8, 2018
Online Publication Date Dec 12, 2018
Publication Date Dec 12, 2018
Deposit Date Jan 22, 2019
Publicly Available Date Jan 23, 2019
Pages 183-194
Book Title XXI GENERATIVE ART 2018, proceedings of XXI Generative Art conference
ISBN 978‐88‐96610‐34‐3
Keywords Timaeus; Virtual sculpture, Stoicism
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