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Humanitarianism and modern culture

Tester, Keith


Keith Tester


It seems paradoxical that in the West the predominant mode of expressing concern about suffering in the Third World comes through participation in various forms of popular culture-such as buying tickets to a rock concert like Live Aid in 1985-rather than through political action based on expert knowledge. Keith Tester's aim in this book is to explore the phenomenon of what he calls "commonsense humanitarianism" the reasons for its hegemony as the principal way for people in the West to relate to distant suffering, and its ramifications for our moral and social lives. As a remnant of the West's past imperial legacy, this phenomenon is most clearly manifested in humanitarian activities directed at Africa, and that continent is the geographical focus of this critical sociology of humanitarianism, which places the role of media at the center of its analysis.

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date 2010
Journal Essays on human rights
Publisher Penn State University Press
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Series Title Essays on human rights
Book Title Humanitarianism and Modern Culture
ISBN 978-0-271-03735-6; 978-0-27103-678-6
APA6 Citation Tester, K. (2010). Humanitarianism and modern culture. Penn State University Press
Keywords REF 2014 submission

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