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The emotional life of Shakespeare’s Sonnets

Craik, Katharine


Katharine Craik


Shakespeare’s Sonnets have always stirred impassioned responses among readers. Perhaps most famously, Oscar Wilde’s obsessive scholar Cyril Graham shoots himself with a revolver in The Portrait of Mr W.H. in order to defend his belief that Shakespeare dedicated these poems to Mr W.H., the beautiful young Elizabethan actor Willie Hughes. This talk explores why Shakespeare’s sonnets have always had – and continue to have – the power to entrance, beguile and possess those who read them. We will explore some sonnets in detail, focusing in particular on the demands they make upon their readers’ sympathies.

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APA6 Citation Craik, K. The emotional life of Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Keywords Literature and Emotions, Tea-Time Talks, Shakespeare, Sonnets


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