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Cognition, metacognition agents and architectures: society of mind approach to cognition and metacognition in cognitive architectures


From the past course of 50 years of research, Artificial Intelligence has developed a large number of architectures and tools to solve the most difficult problems in Science and Engineering. Artificial Intelligence has developed in a number of directions including intelligent systems, reasoning, knowledge representation, and robotics. Here we briefly explained the fundamental aspects of the artificial economics, Metacognition, and Cognitive architectures. This textbook also explains the concept of mind as a control system using the "Society of Agents" metaphor. "Society of Agents" describes collective behaviours of simple and intelligent agents. "Society of Mind" is more than a collection of task-oriented and deliberative agents; it is a powerful concept for mind research and can benefit from the use of metacognition. So it explains how to develop a self configurable computational model using the concept of metacognition.The example has taken as a six tiered SMCA control model(Vijayakumar M.V, 2008)is designed that relies on a society of agents operating using metrics associated with the principles of artificial economics in animal cognition.

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Jan 1, 2010
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ISBN 978-3-8383-7051-4