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Software maintenance: concepts and practice

Takang, A; Grubb, Penny


A Takang

Penny Grubb


This introduction to software maintenance concepts shows how these concepts can be used in practical solutions to problems faced by software engineers. A range of maintenance techniques are covered, including reverse engineering, reengineering, programme comprehension, code restructuring, and maintainability measures. After examining various methods which have been used, the text presents the view of the "evolutionary development of software", rather than the traditional view of software as a static artefact causing maintenance to be expensive or impossible.

Book Type Authored Book
Publication Date Feb 26, 1996
Pages -
Edition Paperback
ISBN 978-1-85032-192-7
APA6 Citation Takang, A., & Grubb, P. (1996). Software maintenance: concepts and practice. (Paperback). International Thomson Computer Press

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