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Risk estimation of cardiovascular patients using Weka

Bohacik, Jan; Davis, Darryl; Benedikovic, Miroslav


Jan Bohacik

Miroslav Benedikovic


Cardiovascular diseases remain the most prevalent cause of deaths worldwideand their prevention requires major life-style changes using limited health-care resources.Remote decision support for cardiovascular patients seems to allow them to lead a productivelife and to minimize the costs of treatment. In this paper, risk estimation of cardiovascularpatients on the basis of collected data used in our developing decision-makingsupport system is described. The system makes use of some data mining techniqueswhich are implemented in open source software tool Weka - Waikato Environment forKnowledge Analysis. The integration of Weka with our system, a description of used riskestimation models based on data mining techniques, and experimental results showing theperformance of these models are also given.

Publication Date Jul 2, 2012
Volume 2012
Pages 15 - 20
Series Title Proc. of the International Conference on Open Source Software in Education, Research and IT Solutions
ISBN 978-80-970457-2-2
APA6 Citation Bohacik, J., Davis, D., & Benedikovic, M. (2012). Risk estimation of cardiovascular patients using Weka


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