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Fuzzy geometric object modelling

Li, Qingde; Guo, Sizong


Sizong Guo


Fuzzy geometric object modelling has been one of the fundamental tasks in computer graphics. In this paper, we investigated and developed techniques for modelling fuzzy objects based on fuzzy set theory. With the proposed techniques any conventional geometric objects, such as points, lines, triangles, and curved surfaces can all be easily extended as certain kind of fuzzy sets to represent geometric objects with fuzzy boundaries. In addition, experimental results are presented to demonstrate how 3D fuzzy shapes represented in this way can be rendered efficiently and effectively in multiple passes using shader programs running entirely on programmable GPUs.


Li, Q., & Guo, S. (2007). Fuzzy geometric object modelling. Advances in Soft Computing; Fuzzy Information and Engineering, 551-563. Spinger. doi:10.1007/978-3-540-71441-5_60

Acceptance Date Jan 1, 2007
Publication Date Jan 1, 2007
Journal Advances in Soft Computing
Volume 40
Pages 551-563
Series Number 40
Book Title Advances in Soft Computing; Fuzzy Information and Engineering
ISBN 9783540714408
Keywords Fuzzy geometry; Fuzzy curves; Fuzzy shape modelling
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