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Least squares ellipsoid specific fitting

Li, Qingde; Griffiths, J.G.


J.G. Griffiths


In this paper, a sufficient condition for a quadric surface to be an ellipsoid has been developed and a closed-form solution for ellipsoid fitting is developed based on this constraint, which is a best fit to the given data amongst those ellipsoids whose short radii are at least half of their major radii, in the sense of algebraic distance. A simple search procedure is proposed to pursuit the 'best' ellipsoid when data cannot be well described by this type of ellipsoid. The proposed fitting algorithm is quick, stable and insensitive to small errors in the data.

Start Date Apr 13, 2004
Publication Date Dec 31, 2004
Journal Proceedings - Geometric Modeling and Processing 2004
Publisher Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Pages 335 - 340
Book Title Geometric Modeling and Processing, 2004. Proceedings
ISBN 0769520782
APA6 Citation Li, Q., & Griffiths, J. (2004). Least squares ellipsoid specific fitting. In Geometric Modeling and Processing, 2004. Proceedings, 335 - 340. doi:10.1109/gmap.2004.1290055
Keywords Least squares methods; Ellipsoids; Surface fitting; Sufficient conditions; Scattering; Geometry; Nonlinear equations; Computer science; Pattern recognition; Machine vision
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