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The technology supported assessment model: a proposal for FIT in HNUE

Nguyen, Trung Chi; Gordon, Neil


Trung Chi Nguyen


Deryn Graham


The student learning assessment systems used in many Vietnamese universities do not utilise technology enhanced learning. Therefore, assessment systems take up a lot of time, and require manual human intervention. Moreover, the benefits of active learning in teaching that can be enabled through involving technology are not realized. This paper gives an overview of traditional Vietnamese assessment systems and compares and contrasts these with some of the modern methods used by many UK universities. The paper goes on to proposes a combination between the modern assessment techniques used in UK assessment systems and those assessment systems used in Vietnam, in particular regarding the Faculty of Technology (FIT) in Hanoi National University of Education (HNUE). The aim is to explore modern assessment techniques and how to apply them, not only in HNUE but also to many other Vietnamese Universities.

Start Date Jun 6, 2013
Publication Date Jun 6, 2013
Pages 16 - 22
ISBN 9 781 907207730
APA6 Citation Nguyen, T. C., & Gordon, N. (2013). The technology supported assessment model: a proposal for FIT in HNUE. In D. Graham (Ed.),
Keywords Computer Based Assessment; Technology Enhanced Learning