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Stellar neutron capture cross sections of ²⁰ ²¹ ²²Ne

Kaeppeler, F.; Heil, M.; Plag, R.; Uberseder, E.; Gallino, R.; Bisterzo, S.; Juseviciute, A.; Käppeler, F.; Lederer, C.; Mengoni, A.; Pignatari, M.


F. Kaeppeler

M. Heil

R. Plag

E. Uberseder

R. Gallino

S. Bisterzo

A. Juseviciute

F. Käppeler

C. Lederer

A. Mengoni


The stellar (n,γ) cross sections of the Ne isotopes are important for a number of astrophysical quests, i.e., for the interpretation of abundance patterns in presolar material or with respect to the s-process neutron balance in red giant stars. This paper presents resonance studies of experimental data in the keV range, which had not been fully analyzed before. The analyses were carried out with the R-matrix code sammy. With these results for the resonant part and by adding the components due to direct radiative capture, improved Maxwellian-averaged cross sections (MACS) could be determined. At kT=30keV thermal energy we obtain MACS values of 240±29,1263±160, and 53.2±2.7 μbarn for ²⁰Ne,²¹Ne, and ²²Ne, respectively. In earlier work the stellar rates of ²⁰Ne and ²¹Ne had been grossly overestimated. ²²Ne and ²⁰Ne are significant neutron poisons for the s process in stars because their very small MACS values are compensated by their large abundances.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Oct 24, 2014
Journal Physical review c
Print ISSN 2469-9985
Electronic ISSN 1089-490X
Publisher American Physical Society
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 90
Issue 4
Article Number ARTN 045804
Pages 045804-1-045804-11
Institution Citation Heil, M., Plag, R., Uberseder, E., Gallino, R., Bisterzo, S., Juseviciute, A., …Pignatari, M. (2014). Stellar neutron capture cross sections of ²⁰ ²¹ ²²Ne. Physical Review C, 90(4), 045804-1-045804-11.
Keywords Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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Copyright Statement ©2016 American Physical Society
Additional Information This is an authors accepted manuscript version of an article published in Physical review c, 2014, v.90 issue 4.


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©2016 American Physical Society

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