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Art in scientific visualization of terrain data

Visvalingam, Maheswari


This is a record of an invited exhibition on pioneering research on non-photorealistic animation posted by Mahes Visvalingam at the Royal Institution (UK) to accompany the Friday Evening Discourses on : Where Art Meets Science by Lord Puttnam of Enigma Productions, NESTA on 5 November 1999 The Information Age : Public and Personal by Dr J M Taylor, Director General of Research Councils, Office of Science and Technology on 17 March 2000

Digital Artefact Type Audio
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords Line generalisation algorithms, Terrain visualization, Animated sketches of terrain
Publisher URL Visvalingam, M and Dowson K (2001) "Towards Cognitive Evaluation of Computer-drawn Sketches", The Visual Computer 17 (4), 219 - 235. Preprint of paper:


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