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Processing and exploitation of multisensor optical data for coastal water applications-The HIGHROC project

Ruddick, Kevin; Brockmann, Carsten; Créach, Véronique; De Keukelaere, Liesbeth; Doxaran, David; Forster, Rodney; Jaccard, Pierre; Knaeps, Els; Lebreton, Carole; Ledang, Anna Birgitta; Nechad, Bouchra; Norli, Marit; Novoa, Stéfani; Ody, Anouck; Pringle, Nicholas; Sorensen, Kai; Stelzer, Kerstin; Van Der Zande, Dimitry; Vanhellemont, Quinten


Kevin Ruddick

Carsten Brockmann

Véronique Créach

Liesbeth De Keukelaere

David Doxaran

Pierre Jaccard

Els Knaeps

Carole Lebreton

Anna Birgitta Ledang

Bouchra Nechad

Marit Norli

Stéfani Novoa

Anouck Ody

Nicholas Pringle

Kai Sorensen

Kerstin Stelzer

Dimitry Van Der Zande

Quinten Vanhellemont


The FP7/HIGHROC ("HIGH spatial and temporal Resolution Ocean Colour") Project is developing the next generation of optical products for coastal water services. These products are based on both mainstream ocean colour sensors (Sentinel-3/OLCI, VIIRS) and other satellite missions such as the meteorological MSG/SEVIRI sensors and the land-oriented Landsat-8 (L8) and Sentinel-2 (S2) missions. The geostationary SEVIRI gives data every 15 minutes, offering much better temporal coverage in partially cloudy periods and the possibility to follow diurnal and tidal processes in cloud-free periods. S2 and L8 offer much better spatial resolution, down to 10m (S2), allowing detection of many human impacts invisible at 300m resolution. HIGHROC R & D includes the development of algorithms, acquisition of in situ measurements and programming of image processing chains. The new products and services will be tested during User Service Trials covering a range of applications including coastal water quality monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessment and sediment transport.

Journal Article Type Conference Paper
Publication Date Aug 1, 2016
Journal European Space Agency, (Special Publication) ESA SP
Print ISSN 0379-6566
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Volume SP-740
ISBN 9789292213053
APA6 Citation Ruddick, K., Brockmann, C., Créach, V., De Keukelaere, L., Doxaran, D., Forster, R., …Vanhellemont, Q. (2016). Processing and exploitation of multisensor optical data for coastal water applications-The HIGHROC project. ESA SP, SP-740,