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17O(α,γ)21Ne and17O(α, n)20Ne for the weak s process

Özkan, N.; Görres, J.; Güray, R. T.; Best, A.; Görres, J.; Beard, M.; Couder, M.; deBoer, R.; Falahat, S.; Güray, R. T.; Kontos, A.; Kratz, K.-L.; LeBlanc, P. J.; Li, Q.; O'Brien, S.; Özkan, N.; Pignatari, M.; Sonnabend, K.; Talwar, R.; Tan, W.; Uberseder, E.; Wiescher, M.


N. Özkan

J. Görres

R. T. Güray

A. Best

J. Görres

M. Beard

M. Couder

R. deBoer

S. Falahat

R. T. Güray

A. Kontos

K.-L. Kratz

P. J. LeBlanc

Q. Li

S. O'Brien

N. Özkan

K. Sonnabend

R. Talwar

W. Tan

E. Uberseder

M. Wiescher


The ratio of the reaction rates of the competing channels 17 O(αγ) 21 Ne and 17 O(α,n) 20 Ne determines the efficiency of 16 O as a neutron poison in the s process in low metallicity rotating stars. It has a large impact on the element production, either producing elements to the mass range of A=90 in case of a significant poisoning effect or extending the mass range up to the region of A=150 if the γ channel is of negligible strength. We present an improved study of the reaction 17 O(α,n) 20 Ne, including an independent measurement of the 17 O(α,n 1 ) 20 Ne channel. A simultaneous R-Matrix fit to both the n 0 and the n 1 channels has been performed. New reaction rates, including recent data on the 17 O(α,γ) 21 Ne reaction, have been calculated and used as input for stellar network calculations and their impact on the s process in rotating massive stars is discussed. © 2012 American Institute of Physics.

Journal Article Type Conference Paper
Publication Date Dec 1, 2012
Journal AIP Conference Proceedings
Print ISSN 0094-243X
Electronic ISSN 1551-7616
Publisher AIP Publishing
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 1498
Pages 309-313
ISBN 9780735411128
APA6 Citation Best, A., Görres, J., Beard, M., Couder, M., deBoer, R., Falahat, S., …Wiescher, M. (2012). 17O(α,γ)21Ne and17O(α, n)20Ne for the weak s process. AIP conference proceedings, 1498, 309-313.
Keywords Helium burning; Neutron poison; S process; R matrix
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