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Young people's daily mobilities in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving young lives

Porter, Gina; Hampshire, Kate; Abane, Albert; Munthali, Alister; Robson, Elsbeth; Mashiri, Mac


Gina Porter

Kate Hampshire

Albert Abane

Alister Munthali

Mac Mashiri


This book explores the daily mobilities and immobilities of children and young people in sub-Saharan Africa. The authors draw on findings from rural and urban field research extending over many years, culminating in a 24-site study across three African countries: Ghana, Malawi, and South Africa. Wider reflections on gender, relationality, the politics of mobility, and field methodology frame the study. By bringing together diverse strands of a complex daily mobilities picture-from journeys for education, work, play/leisure and health, to associated experiences of different transport modes, road safety, and the virtual mobility now afforded by mobile phones-the book helps fill a knowledge gap with crucial significance for development policy and practice.

Book Type Monograph
Publication Date 2017
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Title Anthropology Change and Development
ISBN 978-1-137-45430-0
APA6 Citation Porter, G., Hampshire, K., Abane, A., Munthali, A., Robson, E., & Mashiri, M. (2017). Young people's daily mobilities in Sub-Saharan Africa: Moving young lives. Palgrave Macmillan.
Keywords Anthropology, Change, and Development
Publisher URL