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Professor Y Sheng


Y Sheng

Professor of Computer Science

Research Interests Computational modelling of engineering structures and materials:
• Multiscale and Multiphysics Modeling: Development of Micro- and Macroscopic numerical methods (Finite Element Method, Discrete Element Method, Computational Fluid Dynamics) for engineering applications
• Structural Engineering: Dynamic analysis and stability assessment of engineering structures, Interaction between fluid and structure, Interaction between soil and structure
• Composite Materials: Multi scale damage analysis of fibre reinforced composites and composite laminates
• Manufacturing process: 3D printing of composite materials and components
• Ceramic processing: Ultra precision machining
• Energy Engineering: Geological storage of CO2, Underground coal gasification (UCG)
• Petroleum Engineering: borehole stability and enhanced oil and gas recovery (EOR)
• Engineering Geology: Hydraulic fracturing, Stability of geological faults
• Bio-Material Engineering: Pharmaceutical drug manufacturing, Mechanical and electrical interaction of heart tissue