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New podcast: Competence-based education

New podcast: Competence-based education
Apr 5, 2024

Summary A podcast, hosted by the QAA's Dr Kerr Castle, discussion of how the core concepts of competence-based education compare with those of more traditional educational models and how the purposes of assessment might be reimagined through competence-based education.
Linked Funders QAA Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
People Dom Henri
Mike Ewen
Andrew Holmes
Projects Competence Based Assessment Framework
Citation in QAA Primer on competence-based education

Citation in QAA Primer on competence-based education
Apr 30, 2023

Cited in the QAA primer.

A G D Holmes, M P Tuin and S Turner (2021) Competence and competency in higher education, simple terms yet with complex meanings: Theoretical and practical issues for university teachers and assessors implementing Competency-Based Education (CBE)
This article provides definitions of competence, competency and competency-based learning, and discusses a common understanding and interpretation of what competency-based education is and its role in assessment processes.
People Andrew Holmes
Themes Education and Pedagogy
URL file://'s%20TEA%20work/competence-based-education-primer-bibliography%20QAA.pdf