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Primordial Gravitational Waves and Reheating in a New Class of Plateau-Like Inflationary Potentials

Chongchitnan, Siri



We study a new class of inflation model parametrized by the Hubble radius, such that aH∝exp(−αφ)n. These potentials are plateau-like, and reduce to the power-law potentials in the simplest case n=2. We investigate the range of model parameters that is consistent with current observational constraints on the scalar spectral index and the tensor-to-scalar ratio. The amplitude of primordial gravitational waves in these models is shown to be accessible by future laser interferometers such as DECIGO. We also demonstrate how these observables are affected by the temperature and equation of state during reheating. We find that a large subset of this model can support instantaneous reheating, as well as very low reheating temperatures of order a few MeV, giving rise to interesting consequences for dark-matter production.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date Jul 2, 2018
Journal Universe
Print ISSN 2218-1997
Publisher MDPI
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 4
Issue 7
Article Number 77
Keywords Cosmology; Gravitational waves; Inflation
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