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Justifying mental health rights from a Gewirthian perspective

Bielby, Phil



Per Bauhn


In this chapter, I seek to offer a Gewirthian justifi cation of mental health rights. In particular, I will explore the interrelationship between two themes which feature within Gewirthian ethics and which are central to the human condition. The fi rst of these is the inevitability of human vulnerability. The second of these is the signifi cance of psychological well-being to successful agency. Justifying mental health rights is relevant both to the very idea of these rights as well as evaluating how specifi c iterations of these rights have been manifested in positive law. In this chapter, my focus will be on the former.

Publication Date 2016
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 174-190
Book Title Gewirthian perspectives on human rights
Chapter Number 11
ISBN 9781317232629
APA6 Citation Bielby, P. (2016). Justifying mental health rights from a Gewirthian perspective. In P. Bauhn (Ed.), Gewirthian perspectives on human rights, 174-190. Taylor & Francis
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