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International skills and competencies: tools for teaching in secondary education

Jones, S L



In a shrinking, more connected world where we all face common challenges, such as those posed by economic recessions, mass migration or climate change, the acquisition of international skills and transversal competencies has become increasingly important (OECD, 2009; Facer, 2011; Clifford and Montgomery, 2011; Picardo, 2012). However, there is a paucity of research and tools that assist in the acquisition of such skills and competencies at secondary education level. This paper addresses this challenge, presenting the research findings and tangible outputs from an Erasmus+ funded KA2 project. These include a student survey to determine both the skills and values of students regarding international skills; a set of student courses to enable students to learn about international skills and competencies; a teacher toolkit for teaching international skills in secondary education and finally an overview of the research process that has informed the creation and development of these outputs.

Start Date Mar 5, 2018
Publication Date Mar 31, 2018
Volume 2018
Pages 4862-4866
Series Title INTED2018 Proceedings
Series ISSN 2340-1079
Book Title INTED2018 Proceedings
ISBN 978-84-697-9480-7
APA6 Citation Jones, S. L. (2018). International skills and competencies: tools for teaching in secondary education. In INTED2018 Proceedings, 4862-4866.
Keywords global competency; international skills; transversal competencies; global citizenship
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