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A conceptual framework to incorporate complex basic events in HiP-HOPS

Kabir, Sohag; Aslansefat, Koorosh; Sorokos, Ioannis; Papadopoulos, Yiannis; Gheraibia, Youcef


Sohag Kabir

Ioannis Sorokos

Youcef Gheraibia


P. Katsaros

M. Bozzano


Reliability evaluation for ensuring the uninterrupted system operation is an integral part of dependable system development. Model-based safety analysis (MBSA) techniques such as Hierarchically Performed Hazard Origin and Propagation Studies (HiP-HOPS) have made the reliability analysis process less expensive in terms of effort and time required. HiP-HOPS uses an analytical modelling approach for Fault tree analysis to automate the reliability analysis process, where each system component is associated with its failure rate or failure probability. However, such non-state-space analysis models are not capable of modelling more complex failure behaviour of component like failure/repair dependencies, e.g., spares, shared repair, imperfect coverage, etc. State-space based paradigms like Markov chain can model complex failure behaviour, but their use can lead to state-space explosion, thus undermining the overall analysis capacity. Therefore, to maintain the benefits of MBSA while not compromising on modelling capability, in this paper, we propose a conceptual framework to incorporate complex basic events in HiP-HOPS. The idea is demonstrated via an illustrative example.


Kabir, S., Aslansefat, K., Sorokos, I., Papadopoulos, Y., & Gheraibia, Y. (2019). A conceptual framework to incorporate complex basic events in HiP-HOPS. In Y. Papadopoulos, K. Aslansefat, P. Katsaros, & M. Bozzano (Eds.), Model-Based Safety and Assessment. IMBSA 2019 (109-124). Cham: Springer Verlag.

Online Publication Date Oct 11, 2019
Publication Date 2019
Deposit Date Feb 17, 2021
Journal Model-Based Safety and Assessment; Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Print ISSN 0302-9743
Electronic ISSN 1611-3349
Publisher Springer Verlag
Pages 109-124
Series Title Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Series Number 11842
Book Title Model-Based Safety and Assessment. IMBSA 2019
ISBN 9783030328719
Keywords Fault tree; Markov Process; Model-based safety analysis; HiP-HOPS; Reliability; Real time analysis
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Additional Information First Online: 11 October 2019; Conference Acronym: IMBSA; Conference Name: International Symposium on Model-Based Safety and Assessment; Conference City: Thessaloniki; Conference Country: Greece; Conference Year: 2019; Conference Start Date: 16 October 2019; Conference End Date: 18 October 2019; Conference Number: 6; Conference ID: imbsa2019; Conference URL:; Type: Single-blind; Conference Management System: EasyChair; Number of Submissions Sent for Review: 46; Number of Full Papers Accepted: 24; Number of Short Papers Accepted: 0; Acceptance Rate of Full Papers: 52% - The value is computed by the equation "Number of Full Papers Accepted / Number of Submissions Sent for Review * 100" and then rounded to a whole number.; Average Number of Reviews per Paper: 3; Average Number of Papers per Reviewer: 3; External Reviewers Involved: No