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INtergenerational Stories of Erosion and Coastal community Understanding of REsilience ‘INSECURE’

Parsons, Katie; Jones, Lisa; Halstead, Florence


Katie Parsons

Florence Halstead


The Holderness has some of the most rapidly eroding coastline in the world, with sections of cliff retreating >10m per year. These rates are due, in large part, to the soft composition of the boulder clay cliffs, but rates are accelerating rapidly in response to climate drivers, particularly storminess and sea-level rise, which is increasing wave loading.

Withernsea High is a local community school situated close to the eroding cliffs and thus the school students see the day-to-day effects of their changing coastline. Many of these pupils live within the communities that have ongoing threats of retreating cliffs, with many properties already lost into the sea.

The INSECURE project has used a matrix of participatory research methods to explore how young people engage, examine and understand coastal change within the context of their place within communities. Students were engaged in an education programme to skill them with knowledge and capability to capture their stories and the narratives of their communities. As such this study has been fully youth-led and participants have collected a suite of intergenerational stories from members of the community and the long-term impacts of coastal change. After analysing their data, the young people are using their voice to retell these stories using a variety of creative storytelling methods in order to re-engage their audiences. The outputs are a range of creative short stories, poems and photographs that enable these stories to be told through the eyes of youth.

The outcomes of this project will raise awareness and understanding of coastal change and how communities live with these natural processes that are being exacerbated by climate change and will also measure the impact of the project in addressing climate change knowledge and fostering engagement with the environment and broader social action within the communities.


Parsons, K., Jones, L., & Halstead, F. (2021, April). INtergenerational Stories of Erosion and Coastal community Understanding of REsilience ‘INSECURE’. Presented at EGU General Assembly 2021 (European Geosciences Union), vEGU21: Gather Online

Conference Name EGU General Assembly 2021 (European Geosciences Union)
Conference Location vEGU21: Gather Online
Start Date Apr 19, 2021
End Date Apr 30, 2021
Deposit Date May 5, 2021
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