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Exploring the link between star and planet formation with Ariel

Turrini, Diego; Codella, Claudio; Danielski, Camilla; Fedele, Davide; Fonte, Sergio; Garufi, Antonio; Guarcello, Mario Giuseppe; Helled, Ravit; Ikoma, Masahiro; Kama, Mihkel; Kimura, Tadahiro; Kruijssen, J.M. Diederik; Maldonado, Jesus; Miguel, Yamila; Molinari, Sergio; Nikolaou, Athanasia; Oliva, Fabrizio; Pani?, Olja; Pignatari, Marco; Podio, Linda; Rickman, Hans; Schisano, Eugenio; Shibata, Sho; Vazan, Allona; Wolkenberg, Paulina


Diego Turrini

Claudio Codella

Camilla Danielski

Davide Fedele

Sergio Fonte

Antonio Garufi

Mario Giuseppe Guarcello

Ravit Helled

Masahiro Ikoma

Mihkel Kama

Tadahiro Kimura

J.M. Diederik Kruijssen

Jesus Maldonado

Yamila Miguel

Sergio Molinari

Athanasia Nikolaou

Fabrizio Oliva

Olja Pani?

Marco Pignatari

Linda Podio

Hans Rickman

Eugenio Schisano

Sho Shibata

Allona Vazan

Paulina Wolkenberg


The goal of the Ariel space mission is to observe a large and diversified population of transiting planets around a range of host star types to collect information on their atmospheric composition. The planetary bulk and atmospheric compositions bear the marks of the way the planets formed: Ariel’s observations will therefore provide an unprecedented wealth of data to advance our understanding of planet formation in our Galaxy. A number of environmental and evolutionary factors, however, can affect the final atmospheric composition. Here we provide a concise overview of which factors and effects of the star and planet formation processes can shape the atmospheric compositions that will be observed by Ariel, and highlight how Ariel’s characteristics make this mission optimally suited to address this very complex problem.


Turrini, D., Codella, C., Danielski, C., Fedele, D., Fonte, S., Garufi, A., …Wolkenberg, P. (in press). Exploring the link between star and planet formation with Ariel. Experimental astronomy,

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Apr 13, 2021
Online Publication Date Oct 15, 2021
Deposit Date Jun 25, 2021
Publicly Available Date Oct 18, 2021
Journal Experimental Astronomy
Print ISSN 0922-6435
Electronic ISSN 1572-9508
Publisher Springer Verlag
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Keywords Ariel; Planet formation; Protoplanetary discs; Star formation; Galactic environment; Stellar characterization
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