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(Li 6, d) and (Li 6, t) reactions on Ne 22 and implications for s -process nucleosynthesis

Ota, S.; Christian, G.; Catford, W. N.; Lotay, G.; Pignatari, M.; Battino, U.; Bennett, E. A.; Dede, S.; Doherty, D. T.; Hallam, S.; Herwig, F.; Hooker, J.; Hunt, C.; Jayatissa, H.; Matta, A.; Moukaddam, M.; Rao, E.; Rogachev, G. V.; Saastamoinen, A.; Scriven, D.; Tostevin, J. A.; Upadhyayula, S.; Wilkinson, R.


S. Ota

G. Christian

W. N. Catford

G. Lotay

M. Pignatari

U. Battino

E. A. Bennett

S. Dede

D. T. Doherty

S. Hallam

F. Herwig

J. Hooker

C. Hunt

H. Jayatissa

A. Matta

M. Moukaddam

E. Rao

G. V. Rogachev

A. Saastamoinen

D. Scriven

J. A. Tostevin

S. Upadhyayula

R. Wilkinson


We studied α cluster states in Mg26 via the Ne22(Li6,dγ)Mg26 reaction in inverse kinematics at an energy of 7 MeV/nucleon. States between Ex = 4-14 MeV in Mg26 were populated and relative α spectroscopic factors were determined. Some of these states correspond to resonances in the Gamow window of the Ne22(α,n)Mg25 reaction, which is one of the main neutron sources in the astrophysical s-process. Using our new Ne22(α,n)Mg25 and Ne22(α,γ)Mg26 reaction rates, we performed new s-process calculations for massive stars and asymptotic giant branch stars and compared the resulting abundances with the abundances obtained using other Ne22+α rates from the literature. We observe an impact on the s-process abundances up to a factor of three for intermediate-mass AGB stars and up to a factor of ten for massive stars. Additionally, states in Mg25 at Ex < 7.5 MeV are identified via the Ne22(Li6,t)Mg25 reaction for the first time. We present the (Li6, t) spectroscopic factors of these states and note similarities to the (d,p) reaction in terms of reaction selectivity.


Ota, S., Christian, G., Catford, W. N., Lotay, G., Pignatari, M., Battino, U., …Wilkinson, R. (2021). (Li 6, d) and (Li 6, t) reactions on Ne 22 and implications for s -process nucleosynthesis. Physical Review C, 104(5), Article 055806.

Journal Article Type Article
Acceptance Date Nov 3, 2021
Publication Date Nov 24, 2021
Deposit Date Jan 22, 2022
Journal Physical Review C
Print ISSN 2469-9985
Electronic ISSN 2469-9993
Publisher American Physical Society
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Volume 104
Issue 5
Article Number 055806
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