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Kinematic gait adaptations in unilateral transtibial amputees during rehabilitation

Barnett, Cleveland; Vanicek, Natalie; Polman, Remco; Hancock, Amanda; Brown, Barbara; Smith, Lynne; Chetter, Ian


Cleveland Barnett

Remco Polman

Amanda Hancock

Barbara Brown

Lynne Smith

Ian Chetter


Introduction: Physiotherapists routinely prescribe the use of two different early walking aids (EWAs) to individuals who have recently undergone unilateral transtibial amputation. No research to date has investigated the kinematic gait patterns of transtibial amputees walking with an EWA during early rehabilitation. The aim of the current RCT study was to compare gait patterns when walking with two different EWAs and whether either EWA provided patients with greater gait benefits. Methods: Patients were randomly assigned into one of two EWA groups, one group using the Amputee Mobility Aid and another using the Pneumatic Post-Amputation Aid, prior to receiving their functional prosthesis. A 3D motion capture system recorded kinematic data from their first steps up to discharge from rehabilitation. Results: Walking velocity increased significantly (p < 0.01) during rehabilitation. Control of the prosthetic knee improved during rehabilitation in both groups. A lack of conclusive differences between EWAs was noted at discharge from rehabilitation. Discussion: Both groups displayed changes in gait patterns in different gait measures during rehabilitation. However, these changes were not the same for both groups. Gait adaptations occurred soon after walking with a functional prosthesis. Conclusion: The results from this study would suggest that neither EWA was more beneficial for gait retraining during rehabilitation.

Journal Article Type Article
Publication Date 2009-06
Print ISSN 0309-3646
Electronic ISSN 1746-1553
Publisher SAGE Publications
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 33
Issue 2
Pages 135-147
APA6 Citation Barnett, C., Vanicek, N., Polman, R., Hancock, A., Brown, B., Smith, L., & Chetter, I. (2009). Kinematic gait adaptations in unilateral transtibial amputees during rehabilitation. Prosthetics and orthotics international, 33(2), 135-147.
Keywords Rehabilitation; Health Professions (miscellaneous)