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Soundscape assessment: Towards a validated translation of perceptual attributes in different languages

Aletta, Francesco; Oberman, Tin; Axelsson, Östen; Xie, Hui; Zhang, Yuan; Lau, Siu Kit; Tang, Shiu Keung; Jambrošic, Kristian; de Coensel, Bert; van den Bosch, Kirsten; Aumond, Pierre; Guastavino, Catherine; Lavandier, Catherine; Fiebig, André; Schulte-Fortkamp, Brigitte; Sarwono, Joko; Sudarsono, Anugrah; Astolfi, Arianna; Nagahata, Koji; Jeon, Jin Yong; Jo, Hyun In; Chieng, Julia; Gan, Woon Seng; Hong, Joo Young; Lam, Bhan; Ong, Zhen Ting; Kogan, Pablo; Silva, Enrique Suárez; Manzano, Jerónimo Vida; Yörükoglu, Papatya Nur Dökmeci; Nguyen, Thu Lan; Kang, Jian


Francesco Aletta

Tin Oberman

Östen Axelsson

Hui Xie

Yuan Zhang

Siu Kit Lau

Kristian Jambrošic

Bert de Coensel

Kirsten van den Bosch

Pierre Aumond

Catherine Guastavino

Catherine Lavandier

André Fiebig

Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp

Joko Sarwono

Anugrah Sudarsono

Arianna Astolfi

Koji Nagahata

Jin Yong Jeon

Hyun In Jo

Julia Chieng

Woon Seng Gan

Joo Young Hong

Bhan Lam

Zhen Ting Ong

Pablo Kogan

Enrique Suárez Silva

Jerónimo Vida Manzano

Papatya Nur Dökmeci Yörükoglu

Thu Lan Nguyen

Jian Kang


The recently published ISO/TS 12913-2:2018 standard aims to provide researchers and practitioners around the world with a reliable questionnaire for soundscape characterization. The ISO Technical Specifications report protocols and attributes grounded in the soundscape literature, but only includes an English version. The applicability and reliability of these attributes in non-English speaking regions remains an open question, as research investigating translations of soundscape attributes is limited. To address this gap, an international collaboration was initiated with soundscape researchers from all over the world. Translation into 15 different languages, obtained through focus groups and panels of experts in soundscape studies, are proposed. The main challenges and outcomes of this preliminary exercise are discussed. The long-term objective is to validate the proposed translations using standardized listening experiments in different languages and geographical regions as a way to promote a widespread use of the soundscape attributes, both in academia and practice, across locations, populations and languages.


Aletta, F., Oberman, T., Axelsson, Ö., Xie, H., Zhang, Y., Lau, S. K., …Kang, J. (2020). Soundscape assessment: Towards a validated translation of perceptual attributes in different languages. In INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings 2020 ( 3137-3146)

Conference Name INTER-NOISE 2020
Conference Location Seoul, South Korea
Start Date Aug 23, 2020
End Date Aug 26, 2022
Acceptance Date May 24, 2020
Publication Date Oct 1, 2020
Deposit Date Jul 11, 2022
Publisher Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA
Pages 3137-3146
Book Title INTER-NOISE and NOISE-CON Congress and Conference Proceedings 2020
ISBN 9788994021362
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