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Ursula Vaughan Williams Song Project (performance portfolio)

Tsang, Lee


Lee Tsang


Tsang, L (producer, editor, singer). Ursula Vaughan Williams: In Memoriam. A concert of songs on UVW texts including new works by Thomas Simaku, Alastair Borthwick, Richard Tsang, Evis Sammoutis, George Christofi, Leonidas Sakellarides, Nathaniel Seaman.Sarah Leonard (soprano); Lee Tsang (baritone); Peter Sproston (piano). Recorded live to video for online use. Tsang, L. & Venables, P.(eds) Finding Ursula Vaughan Williams: An Anthology of New Songs for Voice and Piano, with an Introduction by Lee Tsang (York: University of York Music Press, 2010). 62pp. Available from: [Includes songs by Nicola LeFanu, Jeremy Dale Roberts, Alastair Borthwick, Leonidas Sakellarides, Anthony Payne, Thomas Simaku, Evis Sammoutis, Richard Tsang.] Grants from The Ursula Vaughan Williams Trust for 1) composition workshops 2) concerts 3) publication of new songs

Publication Date Apr 15, 2010
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APA6 Citation Tsang, L. (2010). Ursula Vaughan Williams Song Project (performance portfolio)
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