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The last poems of D.H. Lawrence: shaping a late style

Jones, Bethan


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Dr Bethan Jones
Senior Lecturer/ Programme leader for BA English with Foundation Year.


This monograph is the first critical book to take Lawrence's late poetry as its starting-point, thus prioritising the real masterpieces of his mature style. The texts are read in the broad, interdisciplinary context of a consideration of ‘lateness' and ‘lastness', alluding to critical and theoretical works by Edward Said, Lawrence Lipking and others. As well as analysing the evolution of poems through multiple draft stages and sequences, the author considers Lawrence's late poems in relation to prose texts from the same period, such as Sketches of Etruscan Places, Lady Chatterley's Lover and Apocalypse. Through an intricate process of juxtaposition and cross-reference, new insights into the imagery, style, structure and thematic content of these contemporaneous texts are generated. Lawrence's late works are also discussed as products of a complex process of textual assimilation. Works on mythology, cosmology, primitivism, mysticism and astronomy, read or re-read by Lawrence during this period, are brought into play, illustrating the way in which ideas or images are borrowed and transformed through incorporation into the late verse. The resulting poems emerge as astonishingly rich and diverse.


Jones, B. (2010). The last poems of D.H. Lawrence: shaping a late style. Ashgate

Book Type Monograph
Acceptance Date Mar 1, 2010
Publication Date Mar 1, 2010
ISBN 978-0-75466-700-1
Keywords Lawrence;Poetry,Late Style;Last Poems;More Pansies;Nettles notebook; Intertextuality
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