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Building restorative relationships for the workplace

Lambert, Craig; Johnstone, Gerry; Green, Simon; Shipley, Rebecca


Craig Lambert

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Dr Simon Green
Associate Dean for Research & Enterprise / Reader in Criminology

Rebecca Shipley


A 2011 major piece of research into building restorative workplaces by the Goodwin Development Trust found that implementing restorative justice helped managers to share the pressure of decision-making, hold their team more accountable and develop better communication and working relationships.

The report also found that managers were dealing with fewer problems in their team as colleagues were now resolving issues between themselves.

However, the report found that the progression to becoming a restorative workplace can be a difficult and even frustrating culture change.

The report concluded with a recommended model, the 'Structured Evolutionary Method', to provide a flexible approach to introducing restorative approaches into the workplace, taking into account the issues which organisations are likely to face.

Report Type Research Report
Publication Date Jun 1, 2011
APA6 Citation Lambert, C., Johnstone, G., Green, S., & Shipley, R. (2011). Building restorative relationships for the workplace
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