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The Medvedev years : an examination of the external forces & internal dynamics affecting the Kremlin's foreign policy decisions

Reder, Julian Mark


Julian Mark Reder


Caroline, 1961 Kennedy-Pipe


The central question of this thesis is what forces and personal dynamics ultimately shape the Kremlin’s responses to foreign policy issues. The legacies of Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin are traced from the Soviet democratization during the 1980’s and the constitutional empowerment of the Russian presidency during the 1990’s. These two coexistent forces of empowering the average citizen in a country in which the President is the most powerful authority in decision-making are examined.

The forces of the Kremlin affect the current inner circle of Siloviki, Technocrats, and Yeltsin Liberals who are integral members of the policy formulation. Vladimir Putin and his handpicked successor, Dmitry Medvedev, were now at the helm of a government with these three groups of bureaucrats from 2008 to 2012. The Medvedev presidency was confronted with challenges in the post-Soviet space, which included Georgian military operations against Russia and an anti-Russian leader in Kyrgyzstan. In addition to this, the Kremlin was faced with the decisions to enforce sanctions against rogue regimes pursuing nuclear capability, specifically Iran and North Korea. The Arab Spring of 2011 brought with it momentous change in the Middle East and the Russian Federation was forced to decide whether to consent to sanctions against the Khadafy regime in Libya and the Assad regime in Syria.

The six foreign policy decisions in this thesis illuminate the Kremlin’s internal dynamics as well as the handling of the external political forces enacted by Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. Graham Allison’s Governmental Politics Model, which analyzes foreign policy from a personal perspective of the chief decision-makers, is used throughout this body of doctoral research.


Reder, J. M. (2013). The Medvedev years : an examination of the external forces & internal dynamics affecting the Kremlin's foreign policy decisions. (Thesis). University of Hull. Retrieved from

Thesis Type Thesis
Deposit Date Nov 1, 2013
Publicly Available Date Feb 23, 2023
Keywords Politics
Public URL
Additional Information Department of Politics and International Studies, The University of Hull
Award Date Jun 1, 2013


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