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Gravity wave turbulence in a large flume

Bedard, R; Nazarenko, S; Lukaschuk, Sergei


R Bedard

S Nazarenko

Sergei Lukaschuk


We overview past and new experimental results on gravity wave turbulence obtained at The Deep flume facility in Hull. The relatively large size of this flume, 12m × 6m × 1.5m, allows us to study the pure gravity waves without being concerned with modifications caused by the capillary or finite depth effects. We analyze wave spectra, probability density functions of wave heights and their increments, and structure functions to characterize both random weak waves and strong singular coherent structures. We see some evidence in favor of the Zakharov-Filonenko spectrum at larger wave intensities and we see signature of the finite size effects for weaker waves. Our new experiments are devoted to evolving wave turbulence, both the stages of forming the steady state and its decay, including experiments with a tilted wall.


Bedard, R., Nazarenko, S., & Lukaschuk, S. (2013). Gravity wave turbulence in a large flume. Advances in Wave Turbulence (187 - 237). World Scientific

Acceptance Date Jun 1, 2013
Publication Date Jun 1, 2013
Pages 187 - 237
Series Number Volume 83
Book Title Advances in Wave Turbulence
ISBN 978-981-4366-93-9
Keywords surface waves gravity wave turbulence
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