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A subdivision-based implementation of non-uniform local refinement with THB-splines

Ma, Xinhui; Cripps, Robert; Li, Qingde; Lin, Ping, 1963-


Paper accepted for 15th IMA International Conference on Mathematics on Surfaces, 2017. Abstract: Local refinement of spline basis functions is an important process for spline approximation and local feature modelling in computer aided design (CAD). This paper develops an efficient local refinement method for non-uniform and general degree THB-splines(Truncated hierarchical B-splines). A non-uniform subdivision algorithm is improved to efficiently subdivide a single non-uniform B-spline basis function. The subdivision scheme is then applied to locally hierarchically refine non-uniform B-spline basis functions. The refined basis functions are non-uniform and satisfy the properties of linear independence, partition of unity and are locally supported. The refined basis functions are suitable for spline approximation and numerical analysis. The implementation makes it possible for hierarchical approximation to use the same non-uniform B-spline basis functions as existing modelling tools have used. The improved subdivision algorithm is faster than classic knot insertion. The non-uniform THB-spline approximation is shown to be more accurate than uniform low degree hierarchical local refinement when applied to two classical approximation problems.

Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Keywords Truncated hierarchical B-splines
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