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Experimental study of a counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler

Zhao, Xudong; Dong, Xuelin; Duan, Zhiyin; Zhan, Changhong


Xuelin Dong

Zhiyin Duan

Changhong Zhan


This paper aims to investigate the operational performance and impact factors of a counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler (REC). This was undertaken through a dedicated experimental process. Temperature, humidity and flow rate of the air flows at the inlet, outlet and exhaust opening of the cooler were tested under various operational conditions, i.e., different inlet air conditions, feed water temperature and evaporation rate were also correspondingly measured. It was found that the wet-bulb effectiveness of the presented cooler ranged from 0.55 to 1.06 with Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rated from 2.8 to 15.5. The major experimental results were summarised below: 1) the wet-bulb effectiveness was significantly enhanced through either ways of increasing inlet wet-bulb depression or reducing intake air velocity, or alternatively by increasing working-to-intake air ratio; 2) the cooling capacity and EER of cooler was rapidly increased by means of increasing inlet wet-bulb depression or increasing intake air velocity, or reducing working-to-intake air ratio instead; 3) the effectiveness reduced by less 5% while feed water temperature increased from 18.9 to 23.1°C; 4) apparent acceleration in water evaporation rate was gained from increasing inlet wet-bulb depression or air velocity. The presented cooler showed 31% increase in wet-bulb effectiveness and 40% growth in EER compared to conventional indirect evaporative cooler. The research helped identifying the performance of a new REC with enhanced performance and thus contributed to development of energy efficient air conditioning technologies, which eventually lead to significant energy saving and carbon emissions reduction in air conditioning sector.

Publication Date Aug 1, 2016
Journal Building and environment
Print ISSN 0360-1323
Electronic ISSN 1873-684X
Publisher Elsevier
Peer Reviewed Peer Reviewed
Volume 104
Pages 47-58
APA6 Citation Zhao, X., Dong, X., Duan, Z., & Zhan, C. (2016). Experimental study of a counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler. Building and Environment, 104, 47-58.
Keywords Air-conditioning, Evaporative cooling, Heat and mass transfer, Experimental study
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Additional Information This article is maintained by: Elsevier; Article Title: Experimental study of a counter-flow regenerative evaporative cooler; Journal Title: Building and Environment; CrossRef DOI link to publisher maintained version:; Content Type: article; Copyright: © 2016 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.


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