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Bionanomaterials from plant viruses

Aljabali, Alaa A. A.; Evans, David


Alaa A. A. Aljabali

David Evans


Yury Khudyakov

Paul Pumpens


Plant virus capsids have emerged as useful biotemplates for material synthesis. All plant virus capsids are assembled with high-precision, three-dimensional structures providing nanoscale architectures that are highly monodisperse, can be produced in large quantities and that cannot replicate in mammalian cells (so are safe). Such exceptional characteristics make plant viruses strong candidates for application as biotemplates for novel and new material synthesis.

Publication Date Jul 6, 2015
Journal Viral nanotechnology
Publisher CRC Press
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Pages 263-278
Book Title Viral Nanotechnology
Chapter Number 17
ISBN 9781466583528; 9781466583535
APA6 Citation Aljabali, A. A. A., & Evans, D. (2015). Bionanomaterials from plant viruses. In Y. Khudyakov, & P. Pumpens (Eds.), Viral Nanotechnology, 263-278. CRC Press.
Keywords Bionanomaterials, Plant viruses
Publisher URL The book chapter as published is available at http://www.crcnetbase.c.../abs/10.1201/b18596-20.
Copyright Statement © 2016 the authors


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