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When humans using the IT artifact becomes IT using the human artifact

Demetis, Dionysios; Lee, Allen


Allen Lee


Abstract Following Lee & Demetis [20] who showed how systems theorizing can be conducted on the basis of a few systems principles, in this paper, we apply these principles to theorize about the systemic character of technology and investigate the role-reversal in the relationship between humans and technology. By applying systems-theoretical requirements outlined by Lee & Demetis, we examine conditions for the systemic character of technology and, based on our theoretical discussion, we argue that humans can now be considered artifacts shaped and used by the (system of) technology rather than vice versa. We argue that the role-reversal has considerable implications for the field of information systems that has thus far focused only on the use of the IT artifact by humans. We illustrate these ideas with empirical material from a well known case from the financial markets: the collapse (“Flash Crash”) of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Journal Proceedings of the 50th Hawaii international conference on system sciences
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
ISBN 9780998133102
APA6 Citation Demetis, D., & Lee, A. When humans using the IT artifact becomes IT using the human artifact
Keywords IT artifact, Humans
Publisher URL The full text of the article can be accessed at


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