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Burials of martial character in the British Iron Age

Inall, Yvonne


Yvonne Inall


The significance of the decision to bury an individual with martial objects during the British Iron Age cannot be overstated. It is a rare subset of funerary practice, conferred upon select individuals. This article examines martial burials, firstly summarising past research, then presenting an overview of martial object classes, and their treatments in funerary practice. There is a particular focus on the Arras Culture of East Yorkshire, which dominates the data due to the highly unusual, almost unique, ritual in which spears appear to have been thrown at the corpse as part of the funeral. The analysis presented here highlights the importance of non-offensive martial objects, and demonstrates that there is much greater diversity in Iron Age martial burial practice than previously recognised.

Journal Proceedings of the 17th Iron Age research student symposium, Edinburgh
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
ISBN 9781784913571
APA6 Citation Inall, Y. Burials of martial character in the British Iron Age
Keywords Burials, Iron Age


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