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Mackay, Rob


Rob Mackay


<em>Flow</em> is a composition for flute, electronics and video, commissioned by Mexican multimedia performance group Luminico. It was created in the studios of CMMAS (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) during October 2012, supported with funds from the British Council and the Vice Chancellor’s Research Fund of the University of Hull.The piece incorporates field recordings and video material from Mauritius, Mexico and the UK, and explores the flocking patterns of birds and shoaling of fish. It incorporates a live flute part; a fixed media audio part (8 channel); a live electronic audio part (including movement sensing of the flute player by the Microsoft Kinect sensor); a fixed media video part; and a live video part (controlled by input from the Microsoft Kinect sensor). Spatialisation is explored in a number of ways in this piece. The fixed-media audio part has be spatialised in certain musical sections by the use of Andrew Lewis’ BAT Boids tool which uses an implementation of Craig Reynold’s flocking algorithm to mimic the flocking and shoaling behaviour of birds and fish. The live flute part is spatialised in some sections by the flute performer themselves: The right-hand of the performer is tracked by a Microsoft Kinect sensor, enabling the flute player to control the spatialisation of the flute sound around an 8 channel system through software developed for the piece in Max/MSP. In turn, elements of the video are produced live in Jitter, again controlled by the flute player, through the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Timbrally, the piece has been composed to produce a sonic flow between the flute, electronic audio, and video through mimicary between the different media. PUBLICATIONS: - Mackay, R., <em>Flow</em> (composition for flute, electronics, and video), 2012. PERFORMANCES: - ‘Festival Internacional Nuevas Voces del Mundo’, Monterray, Mexico. 14th December 2012. (performance by Luminico) - ‘Festival de Música de Morelia’. Centro Cultural Clavijero, Morelia, Mexico. 25th November 2012. (performance by Luminico)


Mackay, R. Flow

Digital Artefact Type Audio
Deposit Date Nov 13, 2014
Peer Reviewed Not Peer Reviewed
Keywords REF 2014 submission|
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