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Materiality of Love, Essays on Affection and Cultural Practice.

Gratzke, Michael; Malinowska, Anna


Michael Gratzke

Anna Malinowska


Anna Malinowska

Michael Gratzke


Introduction: Love Matters

Anna Malinowska and Michael Gratzke

Part I: Material Love

1. Love Materialism. Technologies of Feeling in the Post-Material World (An Interview)

Dominic Pettman

2. Love Among Objects: Poetry and Time in Light of the Phenomenology of Values

Jacek Mydla

3. Love is Tender: A Critical Approach to Pansexualism

Julie Reshe

Part II: Affective Connections. Materializing the Amorous

4. Between the Covers: Couples Making Books Together as a Practice of Love

Yvonne Clarke-Salt

5.Overcoming Absence: From Love Letters to Skype

Camilla Skovbjerg Padlam

6.The Matter of Kissing

Anna Malinowska 

Part III: Objectified Amour: Representation and Social Practice

7. The Rise and Fall of ‘Emotional Capitalism’: Consumerism and Materialities of Love in Dystopian Works by Thomas Melle, Leif Randt and Gary Shteyngart

Michael Gratzke

8. Reifying Innocence: Material Contexts of Love in The Age of Innocence and The Museum of Innocence

Hulya Yagcioglu

9.Organic Love: Reclaiming Solidity Through Nature and Farming

Karolina Lebek

10.(Dis)Affectionate Fetishism: Dispossessed Love in Othello and Late Modernity

Adrian Howe

Part IV: Affectionate Subjectivity

11. Exploring Maternal Affective Investments: Mary Kelly’s Post-Partum Document (1973-79) and the Material Narrative of Love

Justyna Wierzchowska

12. The Amorous Frenzy of Things: Georges Bataille’s Basely Material Love

Michał Krzykawski

13. The Queer Love Life of Photo(n)s

Tomasz Sikora

Part V: Creating Forms of Love

14. Embodied Soulmarks and Social Expectations: The Materialization of Romantic Love in Soulmate AU Fiction

Kinga Kowalska

15. Citizen Snake: Uncoiling Human-Bindings for Life

Suzan Pyke

16. Reconfigured Families: Stories About Love

Michele Ellmitt

17. As a Matter of Love: A Short Dialogue on Love Made Material

Francesca Rendle-Short and Melody Ellis

Book Type Edited Book
Publication Date Sep 27, 2017
Publisher Taylor & Francis (Routledge)
Book Title Materiality of Love, Essays on Affection and Cultural Practice.
Chapter Number 1-17
ISBN 9781315228631
APA6 Citation A. Malinowska, & M. Gratzke (Eds.), (2017). Materiality of Love, Essays on Affection and Cultural Practice
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