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Do constructive trusts deter disloyalty? (2018)
Journal Article
Hicks, A. D. (2018). Do constructive trusts deter disloyalty?. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 69(2), 147-173

Constructive trusts of disloyal fiduciary gain often are justified by the argument of deterrence. For there to be effective deterrence two conditions must be satisfied: first, potentially disloyal fiduciaries must be sufficiently informed, directly o... Read More

Proprietary relief in Boardman v Phipps (2014)
Journal Article
Hicks, A. (2014). Proprietary relief in Boardman v Phipps. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 65(1), 1-21

The extent to which acquisitive breaches of fiduciary obligation trigger a constructive trust remains one of the most difficult and controversial issues in equity and the law of restitution.