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Grand narratives of spirituality: some critical reflections (2015)
Journal Article
Humphrey, C. (2015). Grand narratives of spirituality: some critical reflections. Journal for the study of spirituality, 5(1), 20-32.

Grand narratives posit spirituality as the master term undergirding human history and all its cultural and religious formations; individual human becoming in all its moral, psychological, social and transpersonal dimensions; and the therapeutic pract... Read More

Shadows along the spiritual pathway (2015)
Journal Article
Humphrey, C. (2015). Shadows along the spiritual pathway. Journal of religion and health, 54(6), 2376-2388.

Contemporary spirituality discourses tend to assume that a canopy of light and love overarches all spiritual pathways. Unfortunately, the dark side of humanity cannot be spirited away so easily, and aberrations of personal spiritual development, inte... Read More

Face-to-face: Social work and evil (2014)
Journal Article
Humphrey, C. (2015). Face-to-face: Social work and evil. Ethics & social welfare, 9(1), 35-49.

The concept of evil continues to feature in public discourses and has been reinvigorated in some academic disciplines and caring professions. This article navigates social workers through the controversy surrounding evil so that they are better equip... Read More

Evil, child abuse and the caring professions (2014)
Journal Article
Humphrey, C. (2015). Evil, child abuse and the caring professions. Journal of religion and health, 54(5), 1660-1671.

The aim of this paper is to explore the ways in which the concept of evil has been invoked in relation to child abuse. First, the scene is set by juxtaposing professional discourses which have eschewed the concept of evil and public opinion which is... Read More

Dilemmas in doing insider research in professional education (2012)
Journal Article
Humphrey, C. (2013). Dilemmas in doing insider research in professional education. Qualitative Social Work, 12(5), 572-586.

This article explores the dilemmas I encountered when researching social work education in England as an insider researcher who was simultaneously employed as an educator in the host institution. This was an ethnographic project deploying multiple me... Read More

The faith closet (2009)
Journal Article
Humphrey, C. (2009). The faith closet. Journal of practice teaching and learning, 8(3), 7-27.

This article is based upon research with student social workers and their educators which foregrounded the personal-professional interface in becoming a social worker.  Faith was an explicit dimension of this research project insofar as an inter... Read More

By the light of the Tao (2009)
Journal Article
Humphrey, C. (2009). By the light of the Tao. European Journal of Social Work, 12(3), 377-390. doi:10.1080/13691450902930779

This article unveils a three-stage model of critical reflection which has emerged from research with social work students and their educators in England. In the first stage we acquire the art of reflection in everyday life-worlds as we process raw ex... Read More

Turning the world upside down (2008)
Book Chapter
Humphrey, C. (2008). Turning the world upside down. Religion, spirituality and the social sciences: challenging marginalisation, 107 - 118. Policy Press

Becoming a social worker: a guide for students
Humphrey, C. Becoming a social worker: a guide for students. The University of Hull

This book explores the journey of becoming a social worker. It is based upon the experiences of social work students themselves and therefore provides a unique 'inside-out' perspective. By showing that personal, professional and political elements ar... Read More