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Mr Josh Wolstenholme

Biography Josh is a research assistant and PhD candidate researching the influence of natural flood management interventions such as leaky woody dams on geomorphology, and how changing morphologies may impact flood risk reduction in the future. Josh uses a combination of fieldwork monitoring and numerical modelling using CAESAR-Lisflood to verify the impact of the leaky dams on the flood hydrograph and sediment transfer throughout a catchment in North Yorkshire.

As part of Josh's research assistant role, he is mapping bioeconomy assets as part of the THYME project. Josh is also project lead on the 360 Lab, a public engagement initiative to provide 3D models, 360 video and learning resources for flood risk management and coastal morphologies for educators and the public. Josh also leads the Hedgerows: Mapping the Gaps project which aims to quantify hedgerow gaps across the East Riding of Yorkshire using deep learning.
Research Interests Josh is interested in how natural flood management structures interact with fluvial processes and geomorphology, using a combination of high-resolution surveying, uncrewed aerial vehicles and numerical modelling to assess this.

Josh is also interested in public engagement through digital media such as 3D models and 360 videos through 'The 360 Lab'. Josh also is currently working on utilising deep learning for hedgerow gap identification.