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Post Nominals PhD, FHEA, BA (Hons)
Biography Dr Lucy Fielding is a Lecturer in Drama and Theatre Practice. Her primary interests and research areas are in Applied Theatre - working alongside communities to promote improved mental well being.

Lucy directed the new play 'Safer' by Dr Sarah Jane Dickenson which is touring Hull Pride, Birmingham Common Wealth Games, Brighton Fringe Festival among other venues.
‘If I hadn't got out of my car that day, I would not, absolutely not be here strutting my rugby fit bear body, wearing f**k-right-off amazing dangly earrings on the streets of Hull’.
For Butterfly Boy - sitting alone in a Fiat 500 in the pouring rain - the reasons for joining a gay and inclusive rugby union team in a rugby league obsessed city didn’t seem that apparent. But once in the changing room a whole new world opens up.
Inspired by a true story Safer is a hard hitting, affectionate, funny exploration of the toxic side of team sports and how one new team decided to tackle it head on.

Director: Lucy Fielding
All characters played by: Angelo Irving & Ethan Lang
Producer: Yelato Coulibaly & David Eldridge

Her PhD focused on the actor training system of Vsevolod Meyerhold (biomechanics) being re-imagined and implemented in a contemporary actor training setting. Negotiating the transition of established traditions within theatre to contemporary settings remains of particular interest to Lucy's research.
Teaching and Learning BA

- Introductory Performance Techniques

- Performance Perspectives 1,2,3:
(Making Meaning - Theatre & Bias, Contexts and Criticisms - Deconstructing & Constructing the Text, Approaching Audiences - Immersive Theatre)

- Theatre Practice

- Exploratory Practice
(Staging Revolution, Resist!)

- Intermediate & Advanced Technique
(Acting, Directing)

- Making Performance

- Dissertation


- Critical Components of Practice Research

- Creating Cultural Agenda

- Curated Programme for an Industry Partner