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Dr Agota Mockute

Biography Agota Mockute is a lecturer, researcher and knowledge exchange fellow, focussing on offshore wind and decarbonisation.

On the decarbonisation front, Agota is keenly engaging with local and national organisations on their net zero and sustainability journey. She is also supervising PhD research project on carbon footprint of elite sport organisations.

On the offshore wind front, Agota focusses on knowledge exchange between the key stakeholders in offshore wind and the natural environment, to map out research gaps for sustainable expansion of offshore wind, thus enabling sustainable evidence-based expansion of this renewable energy technology to meet the UK's Net Zero emissions targets.

Moreover, work through supervision is continued on wave loading on monopile-supported offshore wind turbines in rough seas, and the effect of highly nonlinear resonant phenomena on the structural response and remaining useful lifetime.

Before joining the EEI in 2019, Agota was an Early Career Researcher for Horizon 2020 project Aeolus4Future, and attained an International Doctorate in Civil and Environmental Engineering between the University of Florence (Italy) and TU Braunschweig (Germany). She has graduated from the University of Birmingham with MEng in Civil and Energy Engineering, Honours, in 2015.
Research Interests Knowledge exchange and offshore wind.
Offshore wind energy and monopile-supported offshore wind turbines, wave loading on them, numerical modelling of fluid-structure interaction, lifetime fatigue assessment.
Academia-industry-government-public knowledge exchange, stakeholder engagement, open dialogue on decarbonisation and offshore wind.
Scopus Author ID 57195837422