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Dr Edmund Hurst

Biography Dr. Edmund Hurst is an early career academic in Creative Writing, with a focus on Genre Fiction. He is particularly interested in Fantasy and Science Fiction, having recently achieved his Ph.D for the thesis: 'Dawnsmoke and the Influence of Character Tropes on the Construction of Fantasy Fiction.' A novelist and published short story author, Edmund is a an ex-actor who has worked closely with Hull-based charities to visit local secondary schools and celebrate Creative Writing and the path to higher education.
Research Interests Research interests include - Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Genre Writing, memory loss, the actualisation of fictional characters and the way the human mind grapples with the concept of non-existence
Teaching and Learning Modules taught on include:
Creative Writing Portfolio
Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror : Writing the Wondrous and the Weird
Writing the Novel
Poetry, Performance and Play