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Post Nominals BSc PhD FHEA
Biography I'm a Lecturer in Quaternary Science, and the Director of Education and Co-Deputy Head of School for the School of Environmental Sciences.

My research uses lake sediments to reconstruct past changes in hydroclimate in eastern Africa and the eastern Mediterranean over the late Quaternary.

I teach on a range of modules, specialising in environmental change and field-based teaching.

I was Schools Liaison Coordinator from 2018 to 2020 and Director of Admissions from 2020 to 2023 for Geography, Earth Science and Environmental Science.

• 2017-present: Lecturer, University of Hull
• 2014-2017: PDRA, British Geological Survey
• 2010-2014: PhD, University of Nottingham
• 2007-2010: BSc (Hons) Geography, University of Nottingham
Research Interests Publications:

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Current research projects:

• Tsunami risk to offshore wind infrastructure, 2021-present. Aims to use the palaeo record to better establish the likely tsunami risk to offshore wind infrastructure in the North Sea. Supervising PhD student Benjamin Pickett.

• Fucino palaeo-lake: towards the palaeoenvironmental history of the last 430 ka, 2018-present. Investigation of long lake cores from Italy to produce the longest palaeoenvironmental record from the central Mediterranean to date. With Universities of Pisa, Rome, Berkeley and Cologne and British Geological Survey.

• Quaternary evolution of Mediterranean lakes: refining our understanding of climatic response thresholds, 2017-present. Analysing sediments from Lake Ioannina in Greece and Lake Ohrid in the Republic of North Macedonia to investigate environmental change over the period 190,000-340,000 years BP.

• Did the African Humid Period termination in southern Ethiopia really take ~1000 years? 2017-present. Using stromatolites from Ethiopia to investigate questions surrounding the last time the Sahara turned from grassland to desert 5,000 years ago. With Universities of St Andrews and Oxford and British Geological Survey.

• A 500,000-year environmental record from Chew Bahir, south Ethiopia: testing hypotheses of climate-driven human evolution, innovation, and dispersal, 2014-present. Producing the longest reconstruction of past climate change from eastern Africa to date, in order to establish the climate at the time of Homo sapiens evolution and dispersal out of Africa. Multi-million £ project funded by NERC, NSF, DFG and the Intercontinental Drilling Program. With Universities of Arizona, Brown, Cologne, Potsdam, Aberystwyth, St Andrews, Oxford and Cambridge.

• 14,000 years of palaeoenvironmental change in central Turkey, 2010-present Using lake sediments to reconstruct environmental changes over the late glacial and Holocene. Funded by NERC, National Geographic and British Institute at Ankara. With Universities of Plymouth, Nottingham and Birmingham.
Teaching and Learning First year
- Exploring Worlds Around Us
- Interpreting Environments

Second year
- Environmental Change (convenor)
- Living in the Anthropocene
- Field Study Physical Geography (convenor)

Third year
- Adapting to Climate Change (convenor)
- Dissertation supervision

- Dissertation supervision
Scopus Author ID 55326960800