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Dr Janet Kelly


Janet Kelly

Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Law and Ethics

Biography Subject Group Head of Nursing/ Chair of Unfair Means and Professional Unsuitability Panels/ Chair of Student Misconduct Panels/ Student Misconduct Case Officer/ Dignity And Respect Advisor (DARA) for the faculty and university offering impartial support to anyone on campus/ NMC Chair of Conduct and Competence Committees/ Programme Director BSc (Hons) Health Professional Studies/ Programme Director MSc Health Studies/ Deputy Chair of the Hull York Medical Schools, Research Ethics Committee/ Committee Member of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Research Ethics Committee.

Janet is a nurse and midwife who is also qualified in law. She has a passion for teaching healthcare law and ethics, particularly military ethics.

She has 30 years of military experience as a regular nursing officer and now as an army reservist at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Janet joined the Faculty of Health Sciences in 2003. Her PhD is entitled Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in British Military Healthcare Practice.

She is Chair for the Nursing Midwifery Council's Fitness to Practise Conduct and Competence Committees, and Deputy Chair of the Hull York Medical School's Research Ethics Committee.