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Dr Domino Joyce

Research Interests I'm interested in the behavioural and genomic adaptations of animals (primarily freshwater fishes). Primarily this is because these adaptations can lead to the formation of new species, and understanding how species evolve is of fundamental importance to biodiversity and conservation. I use haplochromine cichlid fishes to study this. I'm also interested in the role that anthropogenic pressures can exert which may lead to evolutionary change in populations over time, and this includes research on Atlantic salmon.
Teaching and Learning I teach a combination of genetics, behaviour and evolution, which reflects my research interests perfectly. I also lead our first year Science Communication module, and join our final year Field Studies scientific diving trip to somewhere with tropical coral reefs (e.g. Malaysia).

First year: Ecology and Evolution, Science Communication*
Second year: Genetic Analysis, Evolutionary Biology
Third year: Sex and Social Behaviour*, Field Studies*

*module lead
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