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Dr Sue Hull


Sue Hull

Lecturer in Marine Biology and Ecology/ Programme Director, Marine Biology

Biography Sue Hull is an intertidal marine ecologist trying to understand the dynamics of the communities inhabiting rocky coasts, how climate change may impact such systems and how organisms adapt and evolve to such an extreme marine environment.

She is part of the national 'Capturing the Coast' team training citizen science volunteers to survey rocky shores alongside marine biologists to answer key science questions.

In addition to a life-long fascination with rocky shores, Sue is an avid bird watcher who works with industry to protect wading birds. She is part of a new research cluster looking at the ecology of birds in the Humber estuary.
Teaching and Learning Module leader for

- Practical Ecology L4

- Intertidal Systems L5

- Ecological Monitoring L6

- Field Studies L6 - Mallorca Field course

Supervise both BSc and MSc projects

Contribute to

- Global Environments L4

- Skills for Biologists L4

- Aquatic Zoology L5